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Good Morning!

Welcome to our Online Joining Page.

At DXN we are very proud of our company and our members, who are making a sincere contribution to the health and well-being of themselves and others.

DXN has a good range of excellent healthy products for everyday use. Product information is on the Ordering Page.

Before you can begin the Application Form, you will need to enter the membership number given to you by the person who referred you. This may not necessarily be that person's own number and name, as he/she may be "placing" you in their business structure. This has no effect whatsoever on your membership, or your ability to conduct a business of your own if you wish to. All Australian/New Zealand numbers begin with "10"…in case your referrer didn't put that on the number you have been given, e.g., 105019999

Once you have joined, you are welcome to immediately purchase any of our products at member's prices, and have them sent to you with your joining package. Your joining package will include some product, depending on your choice. Any purchase of AU$ 500 or above will be sent freight-free. Otherwise the freight is AU$ 5.50 within Australia, or NZ$ 8.00 to New Zealand, when you order Online.

We also have Toll-Free numbers for both Australia & New Zealand (see Website).

As a member you can receive a rebate from the company (called a Bonus) if you wish to supply your bank details for direct payment. We can only deposit; we cannot withdraw funds from your account - your details are secure. Any order of 50 Points Value or more entitles you to receive payment. Details are included in your Membership Package.

You can advise bank account details at a later date, if you are nervous about providing them at this time. Any money due to you will be paid then, backdated to this date. You will receive monthly statements of any bonuses due to you.

Please peruse the Rules and Regulations before joining. They are standard industry practice and reflect the determination of DXN to protect the results of the work done by our members.

Once again, Welcome to DXN!

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