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1.How can I become a DXN Independent Distributor?
A. To become an independent distributor, you must be at least 18 years of age.

B. Must have a Sponsor who is a Distributor to introduce you to the DXN business. The sponsor becomes your upline.

C. You must purchase a Membership Kit, complete the membership application form in the Kit, and return the original copy (white form) to DXN International (Australia) Pty. Ltd. for registration.

2. How can I purchase my membership kit?
A. You may purchase a membership kit directly through your sponsor, Sydney Office or from any DXN Service Centers in Australia and New Zealand.

B. You may choose to order a membership kit by calling (02) 9689-2755 , Toll Free # 1800 666 173 from Australia or 0800 449 836 from New Zealand.

You can also download a Temporary Application Form through www.dxnaus.com.au and select Forms.

3. What is included in the membership kit?
-  New Members
Organiser with Company Corporate Information, Marketing Plan, Product Prices and details.       

-  DXN Distributors Rules and Regulations.

-  Corporate Video.

-  Welcoming Letter for the new Distributors

-  Order Form, Change of personal Information, Autoship Application Form.


*  BASIC KIT: Black Folder Plus 1 Toothpaste =

                         AUS$ 27.50 (incl GST)= 0 PV /  NZ$ 34.00  = 0 PV



*  HEALTH PACK: Black Folder Plus 1 Toothpaste, 1 RG 90 and 1 GL 90.

                              AUS$ 104.00 (incl GST) = 50 PV /  NZ$ 127.00  = 50 PV


*  FAMILY PACK: Black Folder Plus: 1 Toothpaste, 1 RG 30, 1 GL 30,

                             1 Gano Massage Oil, 1 Shampoo, 1 Black Coffee, 1 Reishi Gano Tea, 1 Soap.                                

                             AUS$110.00 (INCL GST) = 52 PV /  NZ$ 135.00  = 52 PV


4. Do I need to renew my Membership?
Upon completing the membership application process, the membership ID included in the member kit shall become effective. There is no need to renew the Membership. Membership is lifetime (with condition of one minimum purchase a year)

5. How can I sponsor a new distributor?
A. You can pre purchase extra membership kits and sign your prospective downline directly.

B. Your prospective downline can also call DXN International (Australia) Pty. Ltd. directly to order a membership kit. (Remember to give them your ID Number and Name, as this is required for their sign up procedure).

6. How can I purchase DXN products?
A. Directly visit DXN International (Australia) Pty. Ltd. office located at

Suite 504, Level 5 Office Tower
Westfield Shoppingtown
159-175 Church St
Parramatta, NSW 2150

B. Just call (+61 2 9689 2755) our office and we will process your order.

C. Send in Order form by fax (+61 2 9689 1755), mail, or e-mail.

D. At our authorized DXN Service Centre near you.

E. go to www.dxnaus.com.au and click "shop online"


7. How much is the Shipping and Handling?
The shipping and handling charge depends on the area and weight. Any order over $500 will be postage free. Shipments require at least a minimum of 3 to 5 working days to arrive; some areas may require more days depending on the courrier service.

8. What does PV stand for?
PV stands for Point Value. Different point values are assigned to different products. The points will accumulate month by month from your personal purchase and your group purchase. At the end of every month, the Total PV accumulated will reflect upon your latest position/rank (from 6% to 25%). This accumulation feature is from distributor level only until becoming a Star Agent.

*Please refer to the "DXN Marketing Plan (SIM)" for more details on the calculation of the bonus and the requirements to achieve higher rankings.

9. Does an Independent distributor have to purchase a certain quantity of product every month?
There is NO monthly minimum requirement for the Independent Distributor. However, a member is required to have at least 50 Personal PV in order to receive Bonus. If the member ranking is above Star Agent, the required Group PV is 180 PV (including the 50 Personal PV) to entitle for the Development Bonus. For further details, please refer to the " DXN Marketing Plan (SIM)" Members are also encouraged to use our products to enjoy the health benefits.

10. When does the company pay Bonus?
Bonuses are paid on the 20th of every month by electronic transfer to member's nominated Bank Account.

To view Bonus Statements online, members need to register with Customer Support System (CSS), link is available on our website - "CSS Registration".

To receive paper statements - $2 monthly fee applies - write to DXN to request it.

11. How do I start International Sponsoring?
DXN Bonus Plan's seamless procedure allows members to sponsor friends or relatives in all countries worldwide where DXN has operation. Simply give your Name and ID Number to the prospective downline and request them to visit DXN's local office or center to process membership registration.

12. Will my group PV overseas be credited to me?
Yes. As part of our international and seamless sponsoring and bonus system, your group PV in other countries will be credited to you and make part in your bonus computation every month. You will receive bonus cheque from other countries where you have earned enough PV from your group in these countries.

13. Do I need to maintain a minimum PV overseas?
No, you will only need to qualify and maintain your Personal PV at the country where you are registered.

You can also choose to maintain your PV at the country that is most convenient for you. However, you must understand and follow the requirements and policies of that country. (You may maintain PV in ONE country only).

14. Can I change sponsor in the event that I want to?
No as a general rule. The company policy states that you cannot change sponsor. However if your distributorship has been dormant for at least 6 (six) months (no purchases and no recruits) you may submit a letter of resignation as distributor and may register again under a different sponsor 6 (six) months after company acceptance of your resignation. However your downlines and level from your previous registration will remain with your previous upline. There may be specific and justifiable requests that may be considered on a case-to-case basis.

15. Product FAQ?



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